Sustainable fashion: what’s all the hype?

„Buy less, choose well, make it last“ – Vivienne Westwood

The fashion industry has boomed over the past century.

By 1950 textile production existed on a mass scale. It was only 20 years later that people began to notice the impact the fashion industry was having on the environment.

1980 saw brands such as Patagonia and ESPRIT begin a discussion on the topic of sustainability. The company’s founders – Yvon Chouinard and Doug Tompkins – had witnessed the clothing industry’s damage to the environment and were so affected that they changed their production policy. Their textile lines began using: organic cotton, recycled wool, naturally processed wool, and naturally dyed cotton. They also supported a project aimed at bridging the gap between organic cotton farmers and representatives of the fashion industry.

The two clothing lines asked brands to start paying attention to the impact the clothing industry was having on the environment and to favour a gentler production process. The work of these two companies has majorly influenced fashion and paved the way for sustainable fashion.

During the 90s, more brands began considering their environmental impact, but they still remained underrepresented within the larger production industry.

Fast forward to today, sustainable fashion is more than just a buzzword.

The devasting impact of mining and chemical industries has been at the forefront of environmental discussions for some time now. But people have just begun to address the aftermath caused by the clothing industry on our planet.

The shocking collapse of a textile factory building in Bangladesh in 2013 claimed 1130 worker’s lives and left more than 2500 wounded. When trying to find an explanation for the disaster, the terrible conditions under which the labourers had been working under was unearthed. Worse still, they were making products for the world’s best-known brands. The tragic incident shone a spotlight on the fashion industry and caused a worldwide outcry. As a result, the international campaign “Fashion Revolution” emerged, raising people’s awareness through projects and media campaigns.

There are several places eco-friendly shops in Prague that can help you make the first step to leading a sustainable lifestyle.

Where to look first:


Check out their range of beautifully hand-stitched clothing

Eco Fashion Labels

For a wide range of organic, sustainable clothing and accessories

Let’s live life more consciously


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