Undressed: GOTS

Bio Certificate GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) is perhaps the most comprehensive certificate that guarantees the ethical status of your garment and that it is 100% ecological. The environmental requirements are followed from the beginning of the fabrication process to the end; from seed to distribution.

What is a GOTS product?

Environmental requirements:
  • If your new t-shirt is certified with GOTS you can be sure that it is made up of natural fibres from certified organic farming (for example farms that specifically avoid using environmentally harmful sprays and fertilizers)
  • The processing of the fibre is closely monitored to be health-conscious and environmentally friendly. GOTS products are better for the planet and your health because clothes undergo a process of cleaning, spinning, bleaching, dyeing and weaving and final treatment all without the use of harmful chemicals

Clean up your act

The textile industry is one of the least environmentally-friendly industries in the world.

Huge amounts of chemicals are used during the complex production process, not to mention the gross consumption of electricity and water. On top of that, some of the chemicals used in the manufacturing process are carcinogenic and allergic.

Ethical requirements:

Some of GOTS’ ethical requirements include a ban on child labour, a safe and clean working environment, protection against discrimination, prohibition of gross and inhuman treatment and more.

Each GOTS product is distinguished into two grades of quality:

  1. Organic – products that contain at least 95% certified organic fibres
  2. X % organic – fabrics with this label contain at least 70% certified organic fibres and a maximum of 10% synthetic fibres.

So in a nutshell: buying a certified GOTS product protects the environment, human rights and your health. Win, win, win!

Where can I buy GOTS products?

Several shops sell GOTS products, our DUNS Sweden range for children is all GOTS certified. Check out the top organic choice for your kids in store and online now.

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