Hack: how to make your own ECO washing powder

The idea of producing your own washing powder may seem daunting and complicated, but it’s not as hard as you think. Making your own laundry powder at home not only helps the environment and protects your skin, but your pocket too.

This DIY hack can save you money and it only takes 5 minutes!

The raw materials:

  • 1kg baking soda for washing

[we like Czech eco company’s Tiearra Verde which only costs 75CZK]


  • 100g of soap

[there are lots of natural soaps on the market. Our personal favourite, AlmaWin with a fresh lemon scent coming in at 29 CZK]


  • Essential oil (optional)



  1. Prepare a large container to mix your ingredients
  2. Grate the soap or blend it and add to the container
  3. Pour in the soda
  4. Once mixed, collect your clothes and you’re ready to wash. We recommend two large tablespoons per wash.

The powder is suitable for white, black and coloured laundry.

If you want you can add bleach to the white powder, but this is not necessary.

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