Christmas Gift Guide for Her

Finding the perfect gift takes time. But we’ve saved you the hassle with our top present ideas this Christmas. 

For the musician 

Music Notes Sweater
Dedicated Arendal Notes Sweater – £84.00

For the dancefloor Diva

Dirty Dancing Sock
Dedicated Dirty Dancing Socks – £10.00

For the crazy cat lady

Cat T-Shirt
Dedicated Visby Bling Cat T-Shirt – £33.00

For the Student

Fjällräven Re-Kånken Mini Backpack – Lagoon – £75.00

For the minimalist

Cardholder Vegan leather
O My Bag Cardholder – £24.00

For the animal lover

For the Grandma of the group

Christmas Knit Hat
Myssy Muotoilija Muffi Hat – £82.00

For the biker chic

Deadwood Vinnie Biker Jacket – £291.00

For someone that has everything

Gift Voucher

Shop more gift ideas here

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